What Product Will Give You the Greatest Teeth Whitening Results?

All people enjoy having gorgeous white smiles. These days, significant importance has been given to straight, well-formed teeth. In addition, the color of those teeth has become even more emphasized than ever before.

You teeth could be extremely healthy, but if they are yellow or another color besides white, you might feel ashamed or embarrassed. Stained teeth can develop for a number of reasons. Certain drugs like antibiotics or the consumption of too much fluoride can be underlying causes. However, the most prevalent reason teeth might become stained is due to the over-consumption of sodas, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and some foods. As time goes by, the enamel that covers teeth starts to deteriorate, which allows for the development of stains.

One clear way to get rid of discoloration is to use a teeth whitening product. Many types are currently for sale, each one employing a unique method. You might be overwhelmed at all of the choices you have, since you may not know which one will work best for you.

What are the ways in which teeth whitening products work?

To whiten the teeth, you have to apply peroxide in order to remove the stains. The top cover of the teeth is called enamel and it is basically see-through. Under the enamel, rests a second layer called dentin. If you want to remove stains from then dentin, you have to apply a peroxide mixture to your enamel. The mixture will soak through to the dentin, and your teeth will become whiter. During the bleaching process, you can expect your teeth to become about 4 or 5 shades lighter. However, this will vary based on how badly your teeth are yellowed to begin with.

Methods for Whitening Your Teeth On Your Own.

The whitening treatments that are performed in a dentist’s office are rather expensive. One such technique they employ is to use a bleaching agent on the teeth along with a laser process that helps speed up the whitening of the teeth. However, a lot of patients decide to use cheaper and more accessible teeth whitening products on their own.

Teeth Whitening Products To Use On Your Own

Many styles of whitening products exist that you can use on your own. Some of these are toothpastes, bleaching mixtures, and whitening gels that you paint on.

Using a mouthguard to bleach your teeth: Such mixtures are made of carbamide peroxide that is designed to whiten enamel. You put the bleaching solution into a mouthguard or tray that has been fitted by a professional. You will wear it overnight for up to 14 days.

Toothpastes that whiten: Every toothpaste on the market will eliminate minor stains a bit, since they contain abrasives. Pastes do not use the same technique as bleaches since they are not designed to change the color of your teeth. In addition, if you use these toothpastes too much, the abrasive aspects can erode the enamel covering your teeth.

Strips used for whitening: This method consists of applying a plastic strip covered with a bleaching solution over the teeth. The sticky bleaching solution keeps the strip from falling off.

Whitening products that are painted on: Instead of using a tray or strip to apply the bleach, this technique is applied by painting the solution onto your teeth using a small brush. Prior to using a paint-on application, you should make sure your teeth have been cleaned and dried. This is so that the bleaching agent will stick to the teeth for optimum results.

You should know that you might have to use any product a number of times in order to get the outcome you are seeking. The time will vary and is based on how stained your teeth are in the beginning. You should select a teeth whitening system that fits into your schedule and is something you can afford. Choosing the product you think you can stick with might be the best product for you.

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